Problems with plugin development

I am trying to develop a plugin for EHRBase and I am having some problems and doubts.

Problems with the compilation of the EHRBase project on IntelIj. There are parts of the project’s pom.xml where errors are detected, such as in the build of some plugins such as: maven-source-plugin or maven-javadoc-plugin. Also at the time of making the “mvn package” I find errors with the database connection (either if I don’t change the credentials or if I introduce my own database).

The doubts I have are mainly with the documentation and about how I should create this new plugin and if I will have to touch any part of the EHRBase source code.

If someone could help me with these problems and doubts I would greatly appreciate it.


Hey @Miguel_Frias_Carmona

EHRbase requires a running DB when building because of the JOOQ integration tests.
The plugin system is still experimental, so we there isn’t an extensive documentation on it, but you can check what we already have in:

For other errors maybe you can provide more details?