Problems when instantiating multiple of the same archetype/element

I am using the GDL2 editor to create medical guidelines with recommendations. I think that I encountered some bugs and I would like to bring those to your attention.

According to one of my guidelines, recommendations should be generated when a certain type of procedure has been performed multiple times. Therefore, I instantiated the archetype ‘openEHR-EHR-ACTION.procedure.v1’ with its element ‘procedure name’ twice, and set up a rule for both procedure names to equal the same value. Testing under the execution tab seemed to work, so I saved the GDL file. However, after reloading the file in the GDL2 editor, an error was shown and the rule had been deleted.

For another guideline, recommendations should be generated when two separate body parts have both been irradiated. Therefore, I instantiated the archetype ‘openEHR-EHR-CLUSTER.radiotherapy.v1’ with its element ‘target region’ twice and set up the rule. When testing the rule under the execution tab, I could not generate the recommendations, even though I entered the right values to meet the rule requirements. Under ‘debug execution’, an error was shown: “*lexical analysis failed while expecting StringLiteral after succesfully scanning 40 characters beginning at line 85 column 11: … *”

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Hi Loraine,
Thanks for reporting this issue here, most members of our development team are on vacation at the moment. We will look into this as soon as we have the bandwidth.

Hello Loraine,

In both guidelines, the element from the same archetype is being instantiated twice, which will not work in GDL2 by design unless they are differentiated by binding constraints.
In these cases, the archetypes can be modified by adding more elements to it, say, Procedure name 1 and Procedure name 2 and then instantiate those elements from the modified archetype to model the guidelines in the GDL2-editor. This should provide expected results on execution.
Hope this helps.

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