Problem with saving my changes in a Github public repo

Hello everyone! I am getting the following exception when saving my changes in a Github public repo. I would be grateful if someone help me with that. Thank you!

I’m having the same problem since yesterday, the Archetype Designer throws an error when saving in a GitHub repository:


If you are using AD v1.24.3 it is having this issue for 2 wks, unfortunately. I reported it to better and they are working on a new version to fix it. They told me they release a v1.24.4 this week, but I cant get it on my pc either way.

Try to save the template to your pc so you don’t lose your changes and in case you are blocked in work due to this create an internal repo inside of AD. I think it might allow you to keep working while this is not completely solved.

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@Ali_Rahmani @damoca I am curious, are you using any kind of specialized archetype for the case where you get this error?
Because to me its only happening now where I have specialized archetypes. All the rest seems to go without issue to the github repo, even with the v1.24.3.

To me, it happens when creating a new archetype or template, but not when modifying an existing one (still in version 1.24.3)

I am also getting this error on Archetype creation. I have not tried archetype update yet.

I see, I just created one too and got the same issue. Thanks for replying.

@borut.fabjan please have a look to this.

It’s a bit of a long story related to how GitHub API behaves on commit for files <1MB and those >1MB.

We just updated to AD 1.24.4, which should fix this issue. Make sure you refresh the page.
I apologize for the inconvenience.


Thanks everyone!

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It works now. Thank you!

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Hi all, I am facing an issue while saving the template with the terminology changes. The archetype designer is not saving the changes that I made to the datapoint.
I have changed the type from internal code to External coded.
When I saved and closed the template and tried to open again, its again reverting back to internal coded even though I have changed to external and saved.
Can anyone help me with the solution. Thanks in advance

It is working ok for me here. I switched from an internal coded list to an external FHIR valueset and it saved it, then tried the same with local_terms - again it worked fine. Can you post some screenshots?

Hi @Sravanthi_Kovi , does your template have any specialized archetype?

We are just using the openEHR-EHR-EVALUATION.health_risk.v1 archetype

Could you send the template fileset to have a look and try it out? (template export>export fileset)
Also what is the version of archetype designer on your side? (you can see it at the right bottom side)

version : v1.24.7

Thanks. No way of sending the template to have a look? You could try upload it here directly. Let me know if you need some help for it.