Problem when loading a GDL file containing a duration element into the GDL2 editor

Hi everybody,

I get an error message when trying to load a GDL file into the GDL2 editor: text cannot be parsed to a duration.

The only duration element that I have in the file is the attribute chronological age, of the archetype openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION.age.v0. Therefore, the problem should be in the way that I have set up a rule for this attribute. Here is an example of how I did this:

“$gt0028|Chronological age|>=P60Y”

As I do make use of the ISO8601 notation, I do not understand what exactly is causing the problem. Is there anyone who has an idea on how to fix this?

Thank you in advance!




Changing the format to “$gt0028|Chronological age|>=PT525948H46M” does work. Still I wonder why the previous format did not work.

Also, a new problem arises now: I cannot test the output of the guideline, because there is no input bar for chronological age under the execution tab, even after clicking the refresh button and re-uploading the document.

Ideas about why this happens and how to solve this problem, are most welcome!

Hi Loraine,

I am a clinical modeller from Cambio CDS. Thank you for bringing up this issue.

There indeed seems to be an issue with GDL2-Editor when using the data type DV_DURATION for an element. We will soon organize a fix for this and get back to you.

Thanks again!


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