Portugal OpenEHR Community

This pandemic has underlined the need to have good quality data, and the importance of a united community in bringing reusable clinical models to the field, and sharing their knowledge with the world.

In Portugal, the EHR landscape is dominated by a monolithic, standard-less information system. But I hope openEHR will be a reference in a near future. With that goal in mind, we have recently put together a small group of local openEHR enthusiasts, and have already had a few informal meetings.

Following the example of other countries, we are interested in creating a local community. This post is, thus, both a means to ask for guidance from the international community, and a ‘call to arms’ to anyone in Portugal interested in participating.


All the best Nuno. We hope to get inspired by your success to do something in India



I created a Portugal-related discussion group under the ‘openEHR Affiliates’ category. These categories provide a place for people from various countries to discuss openEHR, in any preferred language. You will see quite a few groups there already.

You should of course use feel free to use the main categories (in English :wink: for open community discussions, but discussing specific projects or situations in a particular country is usually faster and easier in a dedicated group and using your own language.

Probably people like Ricardo Correia at UPorto and @vanessap could help make more progress.


Thank`s @thomas.beale . This group that you created is going to be very useful. Ricardo Correia and Vanesa are already in this group. They are a reference in Portugal :slight_smile:

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Hi Nuno, I would suggest having a chat to the openEHR-NL folks, as they are probably closest to you in terms of the type of community they are trying to develop. @sebastian.iancu @wouterzanen can help.

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HI Ian, that would be fantastic. We are in a early phase, so every inputs would be precious .

No problem we can have a chat if you like.