"Persistent" Compositions not persistent

There are in the CKM several Composition archetypes that seem to imply a persistent category but have the event code fixed to event. This happens at least on all the composition list archetypes (adverse reaction list, medication list, problem list). They all have a description that starts with “A persistent and managed list of xxxx”, but have a category code fixed to 433 (event). Shouldn’t the code be fixed to 431 (persistent)?

Hi Diego,

This was a policy decision taken a long time ago when it was realised that not all ‘persistent’ compositions had longitudinal persistence but we had no way of flagging episodic persistence. At that time, also , setting persistent, meant losing EVENT_CONTEXT.

Now that the RM and term list has been updated, we can probably update these, though, I think there is also a good case for leaving category unconstrained in Composition archetypes, and allowing category to be constrained in templates.


Yep, leaving it unconstrained seems like a good compromise, although I think Archetype designer forces you to choose one (I assumed this was what was happening, as the default is “event” in AD where it would be better as persistent or unconstrained)

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Yes it does force a choice - I would suggest as default that it leaves it unconstrained (or adds all options)