Paper about COVID-19 data set collaboration?

Hi all,

In response to yesterday’s publication of the paper on the Chinese COVID19 data set and the EY report highlighting the need for common semantics, I’ve been thinking that it would be a great opportunity to gather together information/insights/experiences/case studies about all openEHR data sets developed in response to Coronavirus.

Ideas include highlighting the reuse of archetypes, how reuse contributed to speed of deployment for vendors and potential future benefits of common health language etc. Please suggest other things you’d like to see emphasised.

If you have a data set (template) that is already in CKM (either incubator or project) or would like to add one to the CKM or just want to share the experience as a case study, please indicate your willingness to participate in this thread.

If you have advice as to where it is best to publish, please let me know. The JMIR publication is open access but there is a significant publication charge of $2500 - I assume USD. Are there free alternatives?

Any other thoughts welcome. This is a great opportunity to showcase what we do and why we do it.




I’d like to participate in. Except the Covid-19 modeling, we also have the experience of helping hospital to rapidly deply Covid-19 reporting system to fit the requirements from Chinese CDC using our openEHR CDR (CLEVER). The system uses CQL (with archetypes embeded) to define the measures required by Chinese CDC, and the CQL engine can extract the data from CLEVER and achieve the required measures automatically. Compared to the traditional way of hard-coding, all work is done with configuration and quick response. I think maybe this case can be useful for this thread.


Hi Xudong,

this sounds really interesting. Would it be possible, in addition, to provide a web presentation to the community about your CLEVER solution and the CQL Engine?



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Thanks for your interests in our work. It sounds a good idea to share it through a web presentation. We will prepare for it.


Thoughts/willingness to participate @ian.mcnicoll, @bna, @birger.haarbrandt, @paolo.anedda?

Has anyone else developed a data set that we could a) analyse for reuse of common models +/- b) share by uploading to the CKM project or incubator?

Experienced academics - where could/should we aim this paper? Any suggestions? /cc @DavidIngram @erik.sundvall

We would like to participate. Our work and initiative is primarily focused on the modelling done the first weekend of March. Later the models have been used in production. The screens/forms has been updated a few times.

It might be of interest to have input from health care providers? I know some researchers on the northern Norway who might willing to participate…

Sure - what kind of input would you anticipate?

Hi Heather,

Great idea. An academic paper would be great but we should also think of telling the same story in a less formal way - linked blogs, whatever.

I’m in.

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