Organisation, Address & Electronic communication archetypes - ready for publication

The ‘Person’ archetype has recently been published.

Other members of the EHR demographic family have gone through simultaneous reviews and today the Editorial feedback for ‘Organisation’, ‘Address’ and ‘Electronic communication’ have been finalised and are also ready for publication

They have all been through 3 review rounds, although some of the content reviews for ‘Electronic communication’ were carried out inline within ‘Person’ and ‘Organisation’

Feedback from all reviews, including the latest review, can be found here:

Quite reasonably, the notion of creating ‘EHR demographics’ archetypes has created a tension between clinical requirements and the use of demographic services in the past - you can see the previous Discourse discussion thread here: Demographic archetypes for clinical record purposes

The archetypes are absolutely not intended to take the place of a formal demographic service but to allow a standardisation of the ad-hoc recording of people within the health record, referrals, or registries etc eg a witness to an epileptic fit or someone who’s details would not be available in any relevant register.

There is clearly a ‘grey zone’ where you may want to record someone once and save them for future reuse - however, we see that as an ‘in application’ decision, rather than managed through archetype design.

Unless there are objections all of these 3 archetypes will be published on May 31, 2022.

Please reply to this topic if you have any objections or comments.


Heather Leslie