OperationalTemplate XML Schemas

Hi, I was checking the XML XSDs and it seems there is no schema for OPTs published in the openEHR specs.

Shouldn’t we have an official OPT schema published as part of the XML ITS?

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That would be awesome.

Thanks Rob,

I might take this task later on this year and propose it to the SEC for review.

Right now I’m swamped in a couple of releases and integrations.


@pablo , which type are you referring ? Is is about AM1.4 OPERATIONAL_TEMPLATE - see specifications-ITS-XML/components/AM/Release-1.4/Template.xsd at master · openEHR/specifications-ITS-XML · GitHub ?

Yes, that type. Why is operational template not in ‘latest’ @sebastian.iancu ?

because that latest refers to AOM2.x (the doc is saying 2.0.6), where OPERATIONAL_TEMPLATE is different, and we don’t have that yet as XSD. It would be nice if somebody would create schema’s based on AOM1.4 patterns, but adapted to AOM2 types

Shouldn’t opts 1.4 be part of the baseline latest release? As AOM 1.4 is part of the baseline latest spec releases?