Operating Theatre Models and Templates

Tentatively exploring the potential of operating theatre data in openEHR. Has anyone done work in this space recently or even starting building an electronic op note template? I can see the basic archetypes in there already so it should be doable. Action archetypes for booking status would also be feasible. Not sure how the theatre timings would manifest though - status = Procedure Start is easy…but the myriad of specialty specific differences could prove tricky!

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I have some models we created like 5 years ago with lots of timing information. I think @bna has also some experience with this.

I will try to find and send you the archetypes, just ping me for the case I forget about it because I cannot do it right away

As @birger.haarbrandt writes, @bna and others at DIPS probably have interesting experiences since their new surgery module is openEHR-based. I don’t know if https://github.com/DIPSAS/dips-ckm/tree/master/templates/Surgery is up to date with their current implementation, but it contains some surgery templates. I even think somebody wrote academic papers or parts of a thesis regarding this.

Region Östergötland also did some suregery-related openEHR-modeling previously.

At Karolinska University Hospital we also have interests in exploring this area and will likely experiment with modeling breast cancer-related surgery data using openEHR in a not too distant future.


I will check out the updated source for surgery planning and report.

It’s a hybrid application since the administrative planning and resource allocation is an important part of the solution.

We also use Folder to collect all relevant data for each surgery.


Striking the balance between the admin booking data and the pure clinical data would be tricky. I’m wondering if you thought about approaching waiting list or or surgery booking stages in openehr?

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When in Region Östergötland I was involved in some thinking regarding the planning process including bookings.
The last 10 pictures of a presentation from 2nd Arctic openEHR conference) may give some hints (partly in Swedish).

@Asa_Skagerhult and Daniel Hall in Östergötland may have more info about the proper process modelling and access to comprehensive model documentation with good flow diagrams etc. (from the “Goliat” project).