OpenEyes on openEHR

openEHR and OpenEyes have been close partners from their inception. We have shared common goals and ways of working and a long-held ambition to align the OpenEyes ophthalmology electronic record on the openEHR platform.

The OpenEyes software is now managed under the auspices of the Apperta Foundation. After many years of effort, led and supported by a determined ophthalmology community, its status in the marketplace is now well-established in the UK. OpenEyes is now able to work incrementally towards re-platforming onto openEHR.

A public announcement this week described a first step in this process, in which Ian McNicoll and I have been closely involved. Details of the project and invitation for interested people to participate in reviewing the initial archetypes, which focus on glaucoma, is on the Apperta web site, here:

It is essential that the archetypes developed are fit for purpose and credible, as indicated by their evolution within a formal acceptance and accreditation process. This will be enacted first on the UK openEHR CKM, hosted by Apperta, and then through their publication within the international archetype repository review process, overseen for openEHRInternational by Heather and Silje.

OpenEyes’ industry partner, Toukan Labs, is now contracted to provide the OpenEyes software for 30% of eyecare record keeping across the UK, and there is growing use and profile internationally. It is a huge satisfaction to see the long-term OpenEyes-openEHR alliance bearing fruit in this way. A great Christmas present and another good indication of how specialist electronic health records can now be brought together on the platform of openEHR.

David Ingram


I’m looking forward to helping deliver this for NHS Wales in the new year. Which reminds me… we’ve got a vacancy to fill!

Can’t wait for all the ophthalmology related archetypes!

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Great news. Congratulations to all those taking this forward.

This is great. We’ve been talking to an eye department at Oslo University hospital for a long time. They’ve been interested in OpenEyes. The introduction of openehr data makes it interesting to see how it could be integrated in the total HIS system which also is based on #openehr for clinical data.

Thanks for sharing. This kind of activities will lead us along the path to a real open platform approach. The future is bright in this manner.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and I hope for an inspiring 2021!

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I am so delighted by this news having been one of the first 3 sites to implement Openeyes at Bolton. If you have chance please link to David Haider he is an unsung hero, my former CCIO and the power behind adoption of Openeyes in the North.


Thanks, we will definitely try to get DAvid and other colleagues involved inthe archetype reviews.

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David is a rock - outstanding and long-standing commitment and contribution to OpenEyes. Adoption by Bolton was a crucial moment in the development of the software. Thank you Rachel.