openEHR Terminology (TERM) Release 3.0.0 published

The openEHR Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) has published TERM Release 3.0.0 today.

This release contains a number of terminology codes and vocabulary additions and updates, a new rendering of terminology code sets and vocabulary in the SupportTerminology document, and as FHIR CodeSystem and ValueSet, but also a few (minor) breaking changes on the schema of the XML files:

Change Request

  • SPECTERM-5 Add ‘report’ to Composition Category to support report Compositions
  • SPECTERM-17 Update terminology XML and XSD files
  • SPECTERM-23 Improving translations
  • SPECTERM-25 Adding support for two new types to audit_change_type group

New Feature

  • SPECTERM-15 Render code-sets and vocabularies in HTML docs
  • SPECTERM-16 Render code-sets and vocabularies as FHIR CodeSystem
  • SPECTERM-24 Add PropertyUnitData.xml to openEHR terminologies

We hope this proves useful for the community, and would like to thank all for the feedback and help that led to this release.


Many thanks @Sebastian - this will be very useful indeed


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@sebastian.iancu just asked on JIRA but here might be a better place.

Why is PropertyUnitData part of the openEHR terminology? Shouldn’t that be delegated to UCUM?

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Summarizing comments from [SPECPR-424] - openEHR JIRA to answer the question here also:

PropertyUnitData.xml It is not part of the main-terminology files, but it is a file used by Archetype Designer, CKM and AE, and is stored in this component repository so that we have a central place and a proper versioning and release cycle.


All of UCUM is valid, but you can construct near endless possibilities and many of them do not make a lot of (clinical) sense. So for validation (as eg in CKM) this list is not so useful, but for being able to select common sensible units in AE and the like it is. Should still be possible to use non-common, but valid UCUM units though.

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Hi @sebastian.iancu
I have a Swedish translation of the file but it contains a few doubts. Can you point me to someone or somewhere to post my doubts before publishing the Swedish translation?

Best regards,
Anette Larsson

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Hello @Anette_Larsson,
Are those doubts related to the swedish translation, or about the original (english) names/values?
I can try to help you out if is something related to a generic problem.