openEHR Terminology (TERM) Release 2.4.0 published

The openEHR Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) has published TERM Release 2.4.0 today.

This release contains a number of terminology codes and vocabulary additions and updates:

New Feature

  • SPECTERM-4 Add new terminology groups for EHR Extract Release 1.0.3 changes.
  • SPECTERM-10 Add new terms ‘inactive’ and ‘abandoned’ to ‘version lifecycle state’ group.
  • SPECTERM-12 Adding Spanish translations
  • SPECTERM-14 Add some missing media types in external terminologies
  • SPECTERM-20 Add “mental healthcare” to terminology “setting” group
  • SPECTERM-22 Add additional SHA-2 integrity check algorithms

Change Request

  • SPECTERM-9 Add comment block for unreliable / obsolete codes; annotate particular codes
  • SPECTERM-11 Merge terminology resource (XML) files into terminology specifications repository
  • SPECTERM-18 Update external terminology code-sets and cleanup duplicates
  • SPECTERM-19 Correcting code for ‘episodic’ in Composition.category vocabulary
  • SPECTERM-21 Correct terminology rubric typos inside “property” group

We hope this proves useful for the community, and would like to thank all the implementers for the feedback that led to this release, as well as the SEC members and others who helped create it.