openEHR REST APIs Release 1.0.2 published

The openEHR Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) has published ITS-REST Release 1.0.2 .

This release contains a number of clarifications and improvements on openEHR REST APIs specifications:

  • SPECITS-59: Specify mimeType used by adl2 template
  • SPECITS-57: Update info about simplified JSON formats
  • SPECITS-56: Fixing typos, formatting and minor documentary errors
  • SPECITS-52: Fix wrong example on revision history of the VERSIONED_COMPOSITION and VERSIONED_EHR_STATUS
  • SPECITS-49: describing Resource Identification; add clarification over getting compositions by with version_uid vs versioned_object_uid
  • SPECITS-47: Fix inconsistency over query_parameter(s)
  • SPECITS-45: Describe more clearly the datetime format for REST API
  • SPECITS-42: Fix TEMPLATE_ID value format in examples
  • SPECITS-41: Add double quotes to ETag and If-Match headers

We hope this proves useful for the community, and would like to thank all the implementers for the feedback that led to this release, as well as the SEC members and others who helped create it.

In the upcoming period the SEC will work for the Release-1.1.0 of REST APIs specifications - see reported issues and some of already planned changes. Feedback may be provided on the Implementation Technology Specifications forum. Issues may be raised on the specifications Problem Report tracker.