OpenEHR-OMOP working group creation

During last general assembly we discussed the creation of a working group for the mapping between openEHR and OMOP CDM. I want to use this message get feedback on the status of every organization that is currently mapping openEHR to OMOP CDM, and also know the people interested on joining this working group.
The purpopse of the working group will be gathering all current efforts and generating a white paper with best practices and recommendations


Pinging all the people that showed interest in the past
@bna @backbord @lvxd @Leuschner @Parker @ian.mcnicoll @Dileep_V_S @saka.guilherme @Francesc.Mateu @SevKohler
Please feel free to ping anyone else who might be interested in the working group


Adding also @erik.sundvall @Hanna_Pohjonen