openEHR Industry Partner - recent news

Sharing some recent postings related to our Industry Partners below. If you have openEHR related ‘news’ you would like us to share with the openEHR community via our LinkedIn, Twitter, website news, events or here; please email with the detail.

Code24 welcomed a new customer, Vincent van Gogh, who will be using their mConsole module Lab24, an easy openEHR based application for digital communication with laboratories in their region.

VeraTech congratulated their colleague @damoca David Moner Cano, on his recent doctoral thesis on ‘Methodologies of Development and Governance of Archetypes for Electronic Medical History’.

DIPs – Senior Developer Eivind Holt develops digital pill box that monitors patients medicine compliance. It does not require internet access or a smart phone at home, can live for about 10 years on batteries and can talk with medical journals using openEHR or HL7. You can read more about it HERE.