OpenEHR in Peri-Operative Medicine

I’m organising a meeting at Queen’s Uni Belfast on 1-2 June 2020. I’m hoping to do a session on Tuesday on aspects of OpenEHR relevant to peri-operative medicine.
As a rough guide, the areas of clinical practice under consideration are :

  • Pre-assessment/Pre-habilitation
  • Surgical and Anaesthetic Digital Care Records
  • Specialist Anaesthetic Care Records (e.g. Obs, Paeds, Dental, ECT)
  • Continuous Physiological Monitoring - basic (e.g. ECG, Blood Pressure, SpO2 etc) or advanced (e.g. Cardiac output, invasive BP, Depth of Anaesthesia)
  • Post-op Pain Management and Follow-up.
  • Critical Care

Not specific to peri-operative care but usually a component of it :

  • Referral Management
  • Integration with Electronic Medicines Management, especially for device infusions
  • Device Management and Integration - e.g. infusion devices, assisted ventilation
  • Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)
  • Early Warning Scoring e.g. NEWS2

Related Categories :

  • Theatre Management/Scheduling
  • Staff Management/Scheduling
  • Resource Planning
  • Comms e.g. Telephony, Instant Messaging
  • Finance (US esp)
    In other words, the scope is wide ! I’m at the start of a project to map out the archetypes and templates that might be useful in building a comprehensive care record, and I believe that New Zealand are similarly looking to specify their requirements. What’s the best way to approach this - are there any modelling tools other than that can assist in the mapping/mind mapping process ?
    Volunteers to speak at the meeting in Belfast would be v welcome.

Crikey that’s a broad and exciting scope!!

I think most of the ‘pros’ in this community use Better Archetype Designer and Xmind, though other tools like LinkEHR and Ocean’s tooling is available. I understand that Archetype Designer, which has until now been in private beta, will become much more readily available very soon now. There are also some early discussions about better integration between the various tools, including CKM.

I think the other aspect to bear in mind is how this all might work in a more rational world (like the NHS Scotland National Digital Platform) would handle at least a good proportion of patient-centred info like allergies, meds, pmh, living will, smoking status . A lot of the pre and post up stuff esp, PROMS and wearables, I would also expect to be built against a national PHR-type record.

That will not be an outlier in most environments for now but it feels like a decent way to approach the problem space.

I’ll put the dates in my diary as I’d love to help if I can

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Thanks Ian, it would be great if you could make it and we could do something jointly. I’ll keep going with the Archetype Designer for now.

With luck I will have access to the DHI-Scotland Inegration Hub so we can hook up some devices and route them into the CDR - consumer stuff of course but should be fun.

See Example 3 diagram. hopefully doing something around this at the Product Forge event next week in Edinburgh - anyone going?

Amazing what you find if you Google ‘OpenEHR Perioperative’; shows the value of an open forum. Same old faces seem to keep cropping up however!

Are we? I suspect that I’m the only one in NZ thinking that way, but would love to be proven wrong!

I do know of a vendor of modern touch based AIMS who may become interested in moving over to OpenEHR if convinced of the potential market and retooling was possible.

Did you record your session? I’d love to see it.