openEHR conformance verification design document

Hi all! Next week I’ll release a document based on the openEHR conformance work I’ve done for HiGHmed and the exchange at had with openEHR SEC members. This document will help companies to prepare to the openEHR Conformance Verification, and later for openEHR Conformance Certification. Stay tuned!

Such important work, Pablo. It looks to have combed through, clarified, and tidied a lot of fine detail in the specs. Congratulations and appreciation to all involved. David

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#openEHR Conformance Framework: the complete guide to openEHR Conformance Verification and Certification CaboLabs Blog - openEHR Conformance Framework

Please let me know if you have questions or comments, thanks!

Thank you @DavidIngram

This whole conformance work was thanks to @birger.haarbrandt that allowed me to focus on that area and discover a lot of things we’ll need to do in the future to formalize certification of products.

It’s actually mostly selfish as we needed for our project a) a way to ensure conformance of openEHR servers within the HiGHmed platform b) automated integration tests for EHRbase as part of the platform reference implementation. However, glad this can be of use to others within the community


There is more in Pablo’s doc than we are currently trying to put in the openEHR docs, and from my point of view, that’s perfectly good. Cabolabs may aim to become a professional conformance test org, which I also think would be great :wink:

We are getting to a point where we need to get industry involved and make the openEHR conformance specs operational, and eventually web-executable.

Yes! I’m trying to specify a full conformance framework, based on the research we did in the conformance area and the experience of evaluating conformance for EHRBASE in HiGHmed.

I know you are working on a smaller scope for conformance, but I’m confident that scope will be wider once you try to tackle the certification part and when implementers of other components ask for a conformance spec for their systems, since current openEHR draft spec is mainly focused on testing CDRs only.

I have asked several implementers of openEHR apps that are not CDRs to include their Reference Architectures in the doc, so we can consider what is already built, and so that providers can start testing conformance from a familiar architectural description of their systems and test cases and data sets that apply to their types of systems.

I will release an updated doc once I have more input on that area.

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