openEHR Base Model (BASE) Release 1.2.0 published

In the beginning of April, the openEHR Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) has published BASE Release 1.2.0 specification.

This release brings a number of improvements to the base model including:

  • SPECBASE-34: Allow +14:00 timezone
  • SPECBASE-29: Fix version-id syntax issue in ARCHETYPE_ID
  • SPECBASE-28: Fix internet_id and uid_based_id confusion in syntax definition
  • SPECBASE-27: Correct OBJECT_REF.namespace regex
  • SPECBASE-26: Add Built-in classes and functions for use in AQL, EL
  • SPECBASE-25: Improve and correct function definitions in Foundation types
  • SPECBASE-24: Improve specifications block diagram and related explanations.
  • SPECBASE-23: Add other_contributors to TRANSLATION_DETAILS

We would like to thank all the implementers for the feedback that led to this release, as well as the SEC members and others who helped create it.