openEHR archetype icons

Are there anyfreely available icons for use in openEHR tools?
Along the lines of the following:





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Not sure how up to date, but this repo has most of those. I can update with missing ones if need be.

Thanks, @thomas.beale that’s really helpful.

I see a few icons have drifted over time but, they are mostly in there (albeit sometimes by a different name).
There is one icon that seems to be missing, this is the chevron-styled icon for ‘section’. The section icon present is not the one in common usage.

I am converting the *.ico images to *.png for my use. Do you want me to send a pull request to add the *.png versions to your repo?

Thanks again.

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I just realise I have not been very smart - a better place to get icons is here in the ADL Workbench repo.

The chevron icon is a bit misleading in my view because it was designed to represent a slot, but you can have a slot for any RM type - in the ADL WB icon set, slots are 3-sided boxes.

But the chevron is nicer on the eye :wink: Anyway, you can find it in the rm/iso icon collection in the above location.

Also these icons are mostly PNGs.

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