Oocyte specimen and Embryo specimen is ready for publication

Due to the previous “Biospecimen summary” data elements being merged to ‘Specimen summary’ the specialisation of ‘Biospecimen summary’ needed to be reconfigured. Editors have decided to develop a standalone CLUSTER archetype containing only the specialised data elements in place of the previous EVALUATION content. It is intended that this new CLUSTER will be nested within the ‘Additional details’ SLOT in ‘Specimen’ archetype when necessary.

We have conducted one review round of the specialized archetypes for oocyte and embryo, but there were no comments on the specialized data elements. The editorial team suggests that these archetypes can be published without a new review round.

If any objections or comments, please add them here before planned publication on November 10th, 2023.

Kind regards on behalf of the editors,
Liv Laugen


The archetypes are here: