Online openEHR2FHIR transformer

It has been in closed “beta” for a few months, so I’m finally officially releasing the online front-end for the transformation of openEHR archetypes and templates to several FHIR profiles (Observation, Questionnaire) and artifacts (LogicalModels). This uses the same principles already discussed before. The only main difference is that for logical models you can also input the archetype or template id and it will be automatically retrieved from openEHR CKM

Link is

To summarize, it contains three different options:
Transform to FHIR Observation
Takes an openEHR archetype or template as an input and provides a little interface to control the FHIR Observation generation (controlling what should be generated as component , value or as extensions)

Transform to FHIR Questionnaire
A simple functionality that takes an openEHR archetype or template and generates a FHIR Questionnaire from it

Transform to FHIR Logical Model
This transforms archetypes and templates based on any Reference Model and returns a FHIR Logical Model definition from it.

Feel free to try it and give feedback :smiley:


Looks like an interesting capability - does anyone know where I can source some example archetype instances so I can give it a whirl?

This only generates the profile (or logical model), not transforms openEHR data. You can get archetypes and templates from openEHR CKM

Oh I see, apologies I misunderstood.

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