Notifications don't seem to be quite right

I’ve noticed that I’ve missed quite a bit of interesting content in topics that I have participated in, simply being unaware that someone else has replied in that topic.

I’ve sorted that for myself via

You might want to change the default setting to watching to help that for all your users:

Also, for some reason I don’t seem to get notifications coming through on my avatar as per:

And I’m not getting them through the Discourse Hub app. Do you know of any issues with the notifications, or have you turned them off or something?


I’ve done that first change. I don’t use Discourse on a mobile - but I get normal notifications like that on desktop. AFAIK others do - I have never thought to ask.

As a check @ian.mcnicoll and @siljelb could you check if you getting normal notifications as per Nathan’s message above?

Thanks for listening, Thomas!

The thing that is perplexing me is that I’m just not getting the green and blue notification counters on my avatar.

Do they work on your account?

You also might want to set a different header color for dark mode - it is a bit bright for those (usually on mobile) using the dark.

I think we might need to bug @marcusbaw on this one, he’s a Discourse expert. Any thoughts Marcus?
I have not tried to use dark mode on Discourse, although I do use it a lot on other tools, and now that you mention it, I must try it!

Anyway the visual indicators look like this for me (a bit dull today, but you get the idea):

They work fine on my desktop -do you mean on mobile?

The green ones seem to be working okay now that I am actually getting a few notifications.

But what I think might be going on is that the blue tracking notifications aren’t appearing for some reason.

It could be that my suggestion to fix it up above was wrong - rather than force watching for replies, we should instead make sure that tracking notifications are working correctly.

Nah, both mobile and desktop.