Not receiving GitHub notifications for the specifications-ITS-BMM repository

I’m not receiving notifications for the specifications-ITS-BMM repository.

I have it set to “All Activity” (like many other openEHR repositories) and this is the only one that doesn’t send me notifications.

@sebastian.iancu @pieterbos Did you receive the latest changes @thomas.beale made (last one was 4 days ago)?

There are 11 watchers: Watchers · openEHR/specifications-ITS-BMM · GitHub
Is everybody receiving notifications?

i’m watching it via slack-github notifications, and saw it; but i don’t always follow in github.

Can I get invited to the slack github channel please? I don’t see it.

I’m not sure how that works - but I don’t rely on any Slack/Github hookup for receiving Github notifications.

@thomas.beale Did you receive the notifications from GitHub for the changes you made?

If somebody else is receiving notifications for this particular repository they I’ll have to look for the issue on my side.

Not for my own changes, but I think that’s normal.

If you didn’t change the defaults you should receive them: