Nordic openEHR Collaboration Meeting February 2022

Purpose of meeting
Connect with the Nordic openEHR community to explore ways of collaborating towards common goals related to the use of openEHR.

When and where
Tuesday February 15th 13.00-15.00 CET, Online

How to join
Contact Mikael Nyström (
Feel free to spread the invite to your openEHR network


  • Welcome and introductions (15 min)

  • Pirkko Kortekangas, openEHR Finland/Una Oy: openEHR clinical modelling under the umbrella of HL7 Finland (15 min + discussion 15 min)

  • Carita Hirvonen, TietoEVRY: openEHR-based social care IT (15 min + discussion 15 min)

  • Discussion about Nordic collaboration in modelling and openEHR-FHIR-openEHR mappings (30 min)

    • Need for common FHIR resources? How to facilitate the collaboration?
    • Need for a subgroup for social care archetype modelling? How to facilitate the collaboration?
    • Need for common mappings?
  • Short updates on any current topics in Sweden, Norway and openEHR International (10 min)

    • Question: Interest in archetypes for dentistry? (Region Östergötland, Sweden)
  • Agreement on the next meeting (5 min)

    • Proposed decision: Organized online by the Norwegian community in April 2022

The Finnish openEHR community


Here are the meeting notes (kindly provided by @Henri_Huttunen ) and the presentations from the meeting.
openEHR_nordic_1-2022_memo.pdf (171.9 KB)
attachment1_openEHR clinical modelling under the umbrella of HL7 Finland.pdf (357.9 KB)
attachment2_openEHR-based Social Care IT.pdf (708.0 KB)