Nordic collaboration call

In our previous Swedish collaboration meeting we agreed that it would be useful and interesting to listen to what our Nordic friends are working on in the openEHR space and how they are doing work on a national level (if there is such an initiative).

I have created a Doodle for a first meeting, initially with the intention to get to know each other, share knowledge and experience and maybe find ways of future collaboration :slight_smile:

This is also a follow up to the discussion here.

Please forward this doodle to anyone that is interested in particpating. I will put together some simple agenda in the meeting invite.

cc @siljelb, @Hanna_Pohjonen


@bna I think this would be interesting to you too? :smiley:

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Thanks. I have placed a few dates as available.

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Most popular time was:

Monday 25/5 15.00-16.00 so lets go with that.

I do not have email addresses to the participants from Norway and Finlad, so can those who know these people please add their email here and I can add them to the invite? :slight_smile:


cc @siljelb, @Hanna_Pohjonen

We have pinged several people today! Hanna ; )

ma 11. toukok. 2020 klo 10.08 Martin Grundberg via openEHR <> kirjoitti: