New topic under moderator approval


I wrote a new topic yesterday under the Community category. When I sent it, Discourse alerted me that the topic required a moderator approval. I was not aware that that category was somehow protected, but in any case, I’m not sure if someone will look at it.

I don’t know the reasons for that setting for the category, but have now approved the very interesting post.


Thank you @erik.sundvall

It seems that my answers also require approval :sweat_smile:

Should this category be open to everyone? It fits for topics that are not related to specifications or modeling.

I seem to recall that the Community area was intended for ‘official’ read-only openEHR items so was locked down.

No my mistake. It was intended to be a bit restricted to allow only ‘approved’ community news - your post definitely fits @damoca. Just to prevent it getting spammed by e.g commercial announcements.

I’m not sure we had thought through follow-up discussion aspect though.

Perhaps best to create a follow-up discussion topic in an open area and link forward and back?

If that’s the case and if it’s desired to be maintained, then at least a new subcategory called “Projects” should be created. These are not procurement announcements, or events, or general news.

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