New LinkEHR version available with improved openEHR2FHIR transformation

This version includes the following improvements:

  • Improved openEHR2FHIR process
    • OPT paths should be more readable now
    • It is possible to generate several Observation profiles from a single archetype by changing the ‘Group’ (to group which Elements should end in the same Observation profile)
    • Bundle profile generation from the generated Observation profiles
    • Composition profile generation from the generated Observation profiles (only available if archetype is a COMPOSITION archetype). If Bundle is also selected it will also point to the generated Composition profile.
    • Process can now handle Elements with no data type defined
    • Base uri for profiles can be changed now
  • Sharing archetypes by email and sending error logs should be working again
  • Updated references to LinkEHR Model Manager
  • Schematron generation for generic classes is now user controlled

It can be downloaded here