Multilingual templates and templated value sets

Hi all!

When creating multilingual templates with templated value sets (ie value sets for text elements where the values are included in the template and not the archetype), it seems like there’s a limitation that prevents us from providing those value sets in more than one language. I seem to remember that this has been discussed before, but I can’t find the discussion. Is this a known limitation, and if so how can we fix or work around it?

I’m pretty sure it is a limitation of ADL1.4. I might be interesting to see if it is actually supported in AD native json which is heavily based on ADL2 (which should solve the issue, at least for local template-level text terms, which I think could just be handled as internal codes.

@joostholslag @pieterbos -can you comment on internal codes added a template level in ADL2?

On which note, it looks as if we are now getting real momentum amongst the various CDR and tooling implementers in getting the transition to ADL2 (or at least past 1.4) over the line.

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In ADL 2 there is no such limitation - the terminologies for every part of a template can be defined n as many languages as desired, for all node names, value sets and values.


It’s great if this will be solved in ADL2+, and that transition isn’t too far off anymore. But can we work around this in the shorter term?

The only workaround I can think of is to use FHIR Valuesets, which can can carry translations. The real blocker is the ADL1.4 .opt format which simply does not have a way of carrying atcoded items introduced at template level.