Moving of nodes in an item tree

Recently for the archetype the node “digital representation” at0060 was moved from inside the cluster at0058 “directive location” to the main item tree. Clinical Knowledge Manager
I like this change. But it’s done in a minor update to the archetype (v1.2.0). This is imho a breaking change.
(At least it brakes our software, editor only for now).

It’s listed in the revision log as a major change (along with others), so I wondered why the archetype did not get a major version bump?

Impact on us was limited since we’re still in development phase for using this archetype. I’m bringing it up because I think it’s an interesting discussion and changes like this could break real world data.
Thoughts? @siljelb @heather.leslie @ian.mcnicoll @pieterbos

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Indeed a breaking change.

Changing the paths of leaf data items (which such a move does) will:

  • break App forms that rely on the shape of that archetype (via some template) - but probably there won’t be many, and this is fixable.
  • break all existing queries based on that archetype (but … there might not be any), so wise to check before panicking

The version should be 2.x.


Suggest including @sebastian.garde. I

Oops. My bad, and well caught. It should definitely be a new major version.

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Thanks for including me…I can just agree with what has been said.
While you can override the recommendation CKM gives, this seems to be a technical requirement to make this a major version change to v2.

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Sorry for making such a fuss than. If I knew this was uncontroversial, I’d just have contacted you. I assumed CKM advised this was a minor update.
So will there be a v2? Or will the change be reverted?
We’re about to release this in the coming days:)

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Yes. Both. There’ll be a new v2, and a legacy v1 without the changes applied. I’ll try to get it done tomorrow.

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Done: Clinical Knowledge Manager