More errors on site heading


Hi @varntzen - which browser are you using? It displays correctly on my Chrome?brave browsers

That header line ‘Discussion Forums’ is something I added, it’s positioned using CSS, although I’m not using anything that should require a browser shim.

Oh, it’s the stoneage old IE 11. Sorry, it’s still alive in great parts of the Health care in South-East Region of Norway.

FWIW, I use Vivaldi mostly and it’s good on that.

Wow, IE can’t even render the padding property…? I think that was in HTML 1.1 :wink:

There is some plugin-rendering stuff happening under the hood on that element, which is possibly what’s causing the problem. I’ll see if I can fix it. Now… to find a copy of IE11 to test on…

Not a big problem. I’ve got Chrome as well, and this is just ugly in the layout, not a functional error.