Medication amounts and units

We should maybe revisit the current modelling patterns for medication amounts and their units. Currently, we have amounts expressed as a DV_QUANTIY with units constrained to ‘1’, and an additional DV_TEXT element for the unit. This undermines the DV_QUANTITY data type, and doesn’t work particularly well when using form builders. This pattern is currently used in these archetypes (that I can find):

I suspect this modelling pattern was originally created to get around some tooling issue regarding templating units, but I think that’s been corrected now. I think we should at the very least unconstrain the units of all DV_QUANTITY elements modelled like this, and possibly also removing the corresponding DV_TEXT unit elements.

Yes . It was due to Quantity originally not supporting non-UCUM units.

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I’m glad you agree! I’ve created new revision branches for each of the archetypes:

There are additional change requests for some of these, but can we go forward with these changes, in addition to any resulting from the change requests?