Media file archetype - ready for publication

Hi everyone,

The content description for this ‘Media file’ archetype is “A media file that is acquired or used as part of the healthcare process, and associated metadata.”
Relevant examples include:

  • A photo of an injury;
  • A diagram of the location of a specific clinical finding;
  • A radiological image;
  • An audio or video recording of an interview;
  • Scanned pathology slide;
  • Data output from a clinical device, such as an ECG machine; or
  • A scanned image of paper documentation or hand-written clinical notes.

It started life as a single archetype to provide metadata details about the multimedia data type, intially named ‘Multimedia resource’. But as the content evolved it became evident there was more than one type of multimedia that we were dealing with. Gradually we have teased out the requirements and issues into two archetypes - this ‘Media file’ archetype and its recently published sibling, the ‘Information resource archetype’ - “Information, instructional or educational material supplied to an individual, or their carer, as part of the provision of healthcare.”

Despite the unexpected length of design time, the archetype has been deemed ready for publication by the Editors after only one review round. While there are a number of dissenting recommendations, all were found to be due to not understanding the attributes of the multimedia data type or that this archetype will be nested within a parent ENTRY archetype which will hold context details such as DICOM details or anatomical location. The content of this archetype is describing the metadata about the file, not the context of capture or use, and is intended to complement and enhance the comprehensive set of attributes already carried by the data type.

Unless there are objections the ‘Media file’ archetype will be published on July 8, 2021.

Link to the archetype:
Please reply to this topic if you have any objections or comments.