Mark topics as solved


From my point of view the greatest feature of Discourse is to be able to mark topics as solved.

Maybe you could consider to activate this plugin:

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I was wondering that myself, and was looking for a way to do it. This would be a nice addition; @marcusbaw any chance you could install this plug-in as the Discourse sysadmin? TIA…

Yep will install later today when I’m at laptop

Hint: I have recently setup a company-internal Discourse instance via “”. There the plugin was already installed and just needed to be activated:

… /admin/site_settings/category/plugins?filter=solved

Yes, I know include some plugins in the standard install. discourse-solved is not included in core Discourse though, it needs to be added manually. I’m happy to add any and all plugins you want.

In particular you might like the QnA plugin, which is a kind of ‘Stackoverflow’ upvoting question/answer plugin. However it does need further development. I currently work with Angus McLeod, the original author, as part of my work with

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I’ve added the Discourse solved plugin and enabled it now