Language in terminology service

I want to understand TERMINOLOGY_SERVICE so I can correctly implement it.

From my understanding terminology service does not care about language.
So CODE_SET_ACCESS should not care about the language too. In that case how should be implemented has_lang method? Does it only indicate translation availability in the database?

As I understand this, these are functions. Specification only provides what they should return, not the actual implementation (which depends completely on the use case/terminologies used)

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Thank you, but I asked what should this function return. What mean True if code set knows about 'a_lang' . It means that has_lang should return true is has translations? Or what should it do? I don’t understand the purpose of this function.

Should be true if your code set has descriptions in that language. For example, if my Snomed implementation has synonyms in English and Spanish then it would be true if you ask for either ‘English’ or ‘Spanish’, false for every other language. Could be different for other code sets, that could be available in other language/s.

Thank you very much

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