Landsteiner ABO group archetype

I searched CKM for ABO blood group, to see if anyone has any archetypes for recording a patient’s ABO group and Rhesus status.
This was all I found:
It doesn’t seem to sit naturally as a lab investigation because:

  • It’s usually done by a separate “branch” of lab medicine (BTS)
  • It’s used to plan therapy but doesn’t have the concept of a ‘normal range’
  • It can look more like an ORDER e.g. Group & Save than an OBSERVATION

The Order might include other blood products such as FFP, Cryoprecipitate and Platelets, although these are generally ordered in the context of either emergency management of massive blood loss, or elective pre-procedure planning, where large blood loss is anticipated.
We also give blood products electively to patients with a variety of haematological conditions but this would seem to fit better with MEDICATION archetypes.
So, my question is, can we extend the Blood Matching archetype to make use of Ordinal types e.g.
0: O
1: A
2: B
3: AB
Similarly for Rhesus status
0: Negative
1: Positive
Thoughts please.

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