Karnofsky Performance Status scale ready for publication

Dear all

The archetype OBSERVATION.karnofsky_performance_status_scale has been through one review round. Of the reviews in the international CKM, there were only “Minor Revision” or “Accept”. The comments have been answered consistent with editorial policy and textual improvements have been made to accommodate feedback. No significant changes are made to the archetype compared to the version that went out for review.

Changes in the archetype after review is only updating comments and descriptions for clarity and minor additions to metadata and descriptions for purposes of clarity.

The editors (@heather.leslie @John_Tore_Valand @varntzen and @joostholslag ) are confident to publishing the archetype.

Latest version can be found here, including review and editor feedback: Clinical Knowledge Manager

If there are any objections to publication, please reply here before Monday June 13th ‘22. Otherwise the archetype can be published that day.

On behalf of the editors, thanks to all the reviewers for the quick response!



Since no objections have been raised the archetype has been published.
The archetype has been published in record time: 3 hours of work for the main editor @heather.leslie (sponsored by Nedap) one two week round of reviews, one 30min editorial meeting and 1 week of prepublishing notice. So only one month in total. I would like to thank my Co-editors for this record setting pace, without any skimping on quality.
I would also like to thank the original author: Henry Lenzi.
And best of all: there’ve been no breaking changes. So anyone who implemented the draft archetype should have a very smooth upgrade path.

Another great openEHR marvel XD


The “Fastest review and publication of an archetype” :trophy: is hereby handed over from Boston Bowel Preparation Scale:poop: (63 days from first review round to publication) to Karnofsky Performance Status scale🩼 (32 days from first review round to publication)!

Congrats, and well done! :tada::sparkles:


Challenge accepted :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers: