Italian COVID-19 related template building

Good morning everybody,
I would like to report below our experience, in Italy and in particular in Sardinia:
After receiving the report from Tomaz Gornik of Better, that the entire OpenEHR community was mobilizing to provide support in the fight against covid19, we decided to contribute to the overall effort.
Together with CRS4 we started the translation of the created archetypes into Italian and in parallel, we at Inpeco started the development of a demonstration application, using Better’s suite of solutions.
The demo application is available at
Subsequently, at the request of the Presidency of the Region of Sardinia, we were asked to support the local health authority in the implementation of a solution for screening and swabbing the healthcare staff of the Brotzu Hospital in Cagliari.
Following this request, we decided to start an experimental activity of the application, within the Brotzu hospital. The activity required a modification of the template originally developed by the community, to adapt it to the specific needs outlined by the clinicians of the hospital. The template developed is therefore based on a customization of the infection risk assessment form developed by the Region of Sardinia (
At the moment we are committed to providing support in the field for its use.
I know that it’s all written in Italian, but if it’s of interest, I’m very willing to provide any details.
Thank you for your attention and have a good day,


That’s great Paolo. Glad to hear that you could reuse at least some of the content. Would it be possible to point us to the models themselves e,g Github repo etc.

Hi Ian, I’ve uploaded the template and the archetypes in this repository:

Any suggestion is really appreciated.
Thank you,

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Hi Paolo,

I have spent some time today looking at the archetypes and templates and super impressed with the work.
I can also see some opportunities to reconfigure the content a little so that we can reuse all existing archetypes and you have inspired me to build one more archetype for Social context screening ( to add to our growing family of Questionnaire archetypes.
I’ve also snaffled the new Italian translations that you’d added to the GitHub archetypes. They are now sitting happily in CKM :slight_smile:
I’d love the chance to chat further about my suggestions such that we could potentially upload your template to the COVID project in CKM to share further.




Hi, Heather,
I am very pleased to know that our work can be of benefit to the community.
I would be happy to continue the work on our template so that it can become part of the COVID19 repository but I am new to the process and have little experience. What could be the next steps?
Thank you,


I will email directly


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