ISTH Bleeding Assessment Tool - Modelling multiple either/or options counting towards a single ordinal score

I have created an archetype modelled on the ISTH Bleeding Assessment Tool (BAT) in Archetype Designer.
Most of the sections in the tool are straightforward and using Ordinal, the value, in points, and the text associated with each section can be entered.
However, there are two sections. Menorrhagia and Post-partum Haemorrhage that have a number of possibilities and either/or counts as the same number of points (see the link to the tool). The Ordinal function only allows a single line to have the same value therefore I have created a simple text for each of the points Values, Menorrhagia Scale 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, and entered the entire original text detailing all the options that count as 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 points as a single text string in the description field associated with each value.
My question is, has anyone encountered something like this before and is there a better way to model it?

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Hi, and welcome to the community! :smile:

Yes, we’ve seen this pattern before. Have a look at Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE).

Note that the DV_ORDINAL data type does support multiple instances of the same ordinal value, see NEWS2 for an example. But I think the CTCAE pattern is likely better for this use case.

PS! Remember to have a look at the style guide for modelling scores and scales as archetypes: Archetype content & style guide - openEHR Clinical - Confluence (

Thanks for your welcome and your response. I’ll check out the resources you mention.

Incidentally, my assumption that you can’t have more than one line of DV_ORDINAL with the same value was based on the fact that if I enter multiples, I get an error message to that effect and I am unable to close and save. I have found a workaround but I still get the error.

Just to make sure, are you using Archetype Designer ? I just tried it, and it works fine for me.

Yes, I am using Architect Designer so maybe it is an environment issue.

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