Is there a binary installer for Ocean's Archetype Editor available?

Some time ago we had an installer for the AE published on the openEHR website (Modelling Tools), then changed to a link to a GitHub page that has instructions to build the tool, which is not convenient for non-developers.

Where can I find the installer? I have some pretty old versions on a WinXP virtual machine…

I would like my students to have a newer version accessible but I can’t build it since I don’t use windows.

ping @Seref (not sure if anyone else from Ocean is here)

BTW I had an old repo with some ancient binary distributions of the AE GitHub - ppazos/openehr-modeling-tools

Hi Pablo,
This should work, let me know if you have any problems: Archetype Editor - Ocean Health Systems

Thanks @Seref I don’t see a download link, there is a form to get “one of our specialists will get your started.” which is confusing, I just want my students to get the AE installed :slight_smile:

On the modeling tools page, the only link is to “dev home” which requires to build the AE:

Currently there is no AE binary installer download link anywhere AFAIK.

What happens when you fill the form @pablo ? I think it should send you to a dl page.