Is the version_at_time parameter value on the REST API valid when ste in the future?

There are a couple of endpoints that accept version_at_time, like:

I’m executing some test cases for EHRBASE and it seems to work when sending a datetime in the future, but is that semantically valid? Should this case be validated and return an error?

I can’t find anything in the REST API spec about that case.

IMO the version_at_time is about what exists at a point in time, and it is not possible to say what would exist at a point in time in the future. For instance if I keep executing the same GET with the same version_at_time, until I reach that moment, and different versions were committed before and after each execution of the GET with the same version_at_time, the result will be different.

When calling the operation with version_at_time in the past, the result will always be the same at each point in time (varying the version_at_time), but the future is unknown :slight_smile: