Is it possible to edit existing template?

Im new to openEHR and right now doing a POC for my company.

I found existing template about prescription which is interesting to me

But I don’t know how to edit it and make another template from it.

Could anyone give me an advice?

If you are using Archetype designer you should be able to open or specialize a template

Oh I see.
By the way after I try to import ePrescription (FHIR) template to archetype designer I found an error

ePrescription (FHIR).oet

No such concept: archetypeId=openEHR-EHR-INSTRUCTION.medication_order.v0

I think the archetype medication_order v0 is no longer exist (it’s v3 now)

What do I need to do now ( either trying to find v0 or making a new template that comply with v3)?

Thanks for your help

Hi @zacrify note there are two types of templates if you are working with AOM 1.4: source template and operational template.

The operational template (OPT) is generated from the source, and shouldn’t be modified.

The source template (OET if you are working with the Template Designer) can be modified anytime, then you need to generate the OPT again from the modified OET.

Thanks Pablo,

@zacrify - Yes, this template was created a while ago and needs updated to the latest published archetype versions. It was designed as an exemplar not as strictly deployable as local changes will always need to be made.
What you should do is to download the ePrescription template from CKM as a Template Fileset and import into Archetype Designer - I’d suggest you create a separate AD repo for this purpose. You can just drag/ drop the .zip file. This will contain the .oet and all of the archetype components.

You can use that as-is and it will work fine but it is generally best to use the latest archetype versions if you can.

Make sure that Enable updates is selected in AD settings. You will then see an Updates option on the top menu.

This will show a comparison of the versions on CKM versus what you have locally.

You can also use the Downloads tab to easily download other archetypes from CKM (or another source).


Here you go an updated template based on medication_order.v3 and medication.v1 - conversion is a little complicated because some of the archetype_Ids have changed prior to publication.

I’ll ask the CKM admins about uploading this new version there.


@pablo @ian.mcnicoll
Many thanks for your response (I tried to upload only OET file until you told me I need to use the zip file instead)
right now I can make my first template and simple app for insert data to EHRbase.

For further step I want the app to send drug code and quantity to finance service.
From my understanding this have to work separately from openEHR right? But I also want the order ID insert to OpenEHR metadata So I can have a primary key between finance service and openehr service.
But I don’t know how to do that

Could you help me out?

It’s better to create different threads to talk about different topics. If your first question is answered, please ask the new one by creating a new topic.