Continuing with my checks for classes that are not currently supported by modelling tools (prev. Is DV_STATE and it's profile constraint C_DV_STATE used anywhere in the specs?), I’m not sure at which extent DV_PARAGRAPH is used or if it’s even useful. I know the original design was kind of a model for text data analysis, where part of the text could be just free text, and specific terms/concepts could be coded, and the DV_PARAGRAPH acts as a container for all those texts and coded texts.

Besides NLP I don’t see much application of this data type.

What do others think?

PS: the background of this check is to verify if we need to add DV_PARAGRAPH validation tests in the conformance tests spec.

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We have no usage of DV_PARAGRAPH in DIPS.

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I wouldn’t need dv_paragraph conformance tests. Mainly because it’s deprecated.

I do have a NLP usecase where dv_paragraph could have been a solution. Semi structured narrative data

Our archetype editor does support dv_paragraph, but I suspect our clinical app UI doesn’t. And I’d be surprised if it’s used in our real world archetypes. And we are not interested in our conformance test because openEHR is just a backend technology for our EHR suite, not something we market or sell as an ‘openEHR product’.

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Related to this, is anyone using DV_TIME_SPECIFICATION?