International patient summary

How can we better support the IPS ( in openEHR ?
Currently we got some draft models on the ckm:
@heather.leslie already modeled the IPS in the ckm Template: International Patient Summary [openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager]
So i asked myself if we should not define a implementation guidish thing how the IPS can be represented and transformed from/into openEHR.
E.g. i could add the mapping to the bridge if the template is published.
I think that is important for the future.
The guide could then be linked at the IPS website or so.
Any ideas comments ?


I think that’s a great idea, We are going to be working on a similar project in the UK, but based on how the data might be stored natively in openEHR CDRs i.e. as multiple templated compositions Allergies list, Meds list, Condition list etc. We’d expect to work very closely from Heather’s ‘single’ IPS composition approach (both have utility).

One question is also whether we work from the most recentFHIR R5 and/or most recent archetypes e.g. the allergy archetype has just been significantly updated to V2.


Since its going to be a growing topic its maybe useful to make a discourse group or a community “work” group ? Or what is the typical way to do that ?

Discourse chanell would make sense

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Who is actually admin here ?
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