Industry Partner Code24 upgrade to Gold Members

We are delighted to announce that existing Industry Partner Code24 have upgraded their membership. @sebastian.iancu comments: -“as our organisation grows, we upgraded our membership in recognition of the work that openEHR do, the value and the benefits we have gained, and in support of work that is crucial to our continued growth.”

Thank you to all our members for supporting what we do and for helping us to do more.


That’s good news @sebastian.iancu. Your work and code24’s sponsorship of openEHR and openEHR NL is very much appreciated!


Hi Sebastian,

This is very good news.

You have been an amazingly committed and active contributor to openEHR, since the days I recall you hammering the first CHIME-based openEHR web site at UCL – albeit I didn’t then know it was you!

It’s fantastic to see your staying power and ability rewarded in the growth of Code24, now. Your company and team have become crucial anchors of this stage of openEHR’s evolution.

Very best wishes for your future success and huge thanks for all you and your team do for openEHR.

Kind regards,



May I add my appreciation. It has a been a long journey from those early days at MCA in Alkmaar but a pleasure to work with everyone at Code24 along the way. So long ago, in fact that I tried to tell @sebastian.iancu a funny story, that he had to point out that he had originally told me the first time we met !!

And for everyone else- Alkmaar is the most delightful small city -all the things you would expect from the Dutch experience - windmills, canals, cheese but not the hordes of Amsterdam!! I will definitely be back in happier times.


Yes, please let us have another SEC meeting in Alkmaar :star_struck:

And thanks to @sebastian.iancu for playing such an active part in the community!


Thanks to Code24 for their longterm investment, enthusiasm and spirit for openEHR. And @sebastian.iancu you are doing such effort in the work. I really appreciate your humble energy.

Keep up the good work!


I will add my deep appreciation, both for Code24 and Martin’s long term support, and also Sebastian’s professionalism and commitment to the common work in recent years.

So, Alkmaar… 1st f2f meeting after Covid, right?!


Looking forward to it!

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Congratulations code 24

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Looking forward to it =)

Great news - the openEHR industry group is expanding and individual partners are growing as well!

Thanks to all at Code24!