Implementing a solution with EHRbase

I am developing an architecture in which to store data in OpenEHR standard. I have thought about the option of using the EHRbase project as an accelerator to be able to create the service that is capable, among other things, of CRUD operations on the data.

My doubt is if using EHRbase I would already have a CDR composed by a service capable of performing CRUD to a database with OpenEHR standard.

I mean, I make the necessary modifications in the EHRbase project, generate my jar, launch the service and, with this I would already have a Backend capable of handling OpenEHR data?

Thank you very much!

Hi Agustin, most openEHR servers comply with the REST API, so when you say CRUD, you should take a look at the REST API: openEHR - REST API specifications (ITS-REST) Component - latest

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EHRbase is all about CRUD on openEHR data, so you can start right away without any modifications of the project (besides some changes as desired to the application.yml file which contains some parameters to configure authentication etc.). Only thing is that you need EHRbase server AND a postgres database running.

Check out the docs for more details:


Thank you so much!