Imaging archetypes for regions related to gynaecological/pregnancy examination ready for publication

Dear all,

The following archetypes have been developed as part of a family of archetypes and have undergone parallel review as a group. The archetype scope of each has been deliberately constrained to a simple, expected and non-controversial data points, to facilitate rapid publication. Outstanding possible future data elements suggested during review but not yet included as data elements have been captured as change requests against each archetype.

These archetypes are all specialisations of the published ‘Imaging examination of a body structure’ (CLUSTER.imaging_exam) parent) archetype and intended to nest within the published Imaging exam result (OBSERVATION.imaging_exam_result).

If there are no objections, these archetypes will be published on 20 October 2022.

In the immediate future, the archetype for examination of a generic lesion will be initiated, and reviews for the uterus (including the pregnant uterus) will commence shortly

Kind regards