IHE and openEHR

I had a discussion with a board member of the dutch IHE on the combination of IHE with openEHR. He knew there were some examples and I know that at least better has implemented XDS with openEHR, but we don’t know of any concrete examples.

Can anyone share some good examples of IHE and openEHR playing nicely together, perhaps some documentation or presenation on use cases that are being used in practice?

@borut.fabjan is your man …


and the XDS metadata archetype,


We are using the combination in HiGHmed and there is a paper published by the colleagues from Heidelberg: IOS Press Ebooks - Using openEHR in XDS.b Environments – Opportunities and Challenges

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My Master’s thesis is about an “Integration Specification of IHE XDS and openEHR” and was created in the beginnings of HiGHmed. It is not a glossy ready to go presentation, but goes deep into the the technical design of a possible integration of IHE XDS and openEHR. So if you need technical info, diagrams, etc. I can send it to you.

Hi Jake,

It would be great to make that widely available if you can - is it possible for it to be publicly published somewhere?

I would have no problem with that, actually I would like to. But I have no idea about legal implication of publishing my thesis. Writing this makes me realize that it is probably no problem, but I just never researched that thoroughly.

It is not normally an issue but you need to check with your academic institution, just in case

Thanks for all your comments so far! @jake.smolka could you send it to me, like to try and read it!