Hypersensitivity examination, Results

Is there an existing archetype that expresses Hypersensitivity examination? How are test results, as part of an Hypersensitivity examination, expressed, such as results of elimination test of food, results of provocation test and results of skin prick-test? Is there any specific archetype that expresses information about the results of food elimination test, results of provocation test and results of skin prick?

Hi Per!

The ‘Adverse reaction monitoring’ archetype is fairly new and still very basic, but I suspect this is the concept you’re looking for: Clinical Knowledge Manager

It may need to be fleshed out for more detailed recording needs.

Edit: I just noticed you also asked for elimination tests, which I think would be different from this concept. @heather.leslie, can you think of any existing archetype which could be used to express the result of an elimination test?

Silje, Per,

If we are talking about recording the results of skin prick tests my first thought was that we need a new archetype, something along the lines of the draft Mantoux test, where we record the reaction and size of wheal to each substance.

I have no personal knowledge about how to record the results of a food elimination or provocation test. Per, if you can provide some insights into clinical requirements it would help, although I doubt that we have an archetype pattern ready to go. I will add that it is good to be looking at this family of models at the same time as we are likely to identify some commonality in recording requirements for each that may inform the design of all.

The Adverse reaction monitoring that Silje suggested was triggered by a need to record that a patient was observed post-vaccination or similar, and that there was or wasn’t a reaction. The reaction and allergen would still be recorded using EVAL.adverse_reaction_risk. Without understanding the recording requirements it is hard to see if we can bring this all together, but this is one of the joy of smart modelling, so I’m interested to explore this with you further.



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Perhaps a new archetype for this purpose could be generalised as ‘Provocation test’, of which a skin prick test is one example?

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Hi and thanks,

That was my thought as well @siljelb, I belive there’s a number of provocation tests that could be described similar, I’ll try to investigate the Mantoux Test arketype and respond again after that @heather.leslie.