Human centred design (HCD) in healthcare - an invitation to talk and share

Hello, I’m a human-centred design specialist who is new to OpenEHR. I’m interested in ensuring that the human experience is included in our thinking and doing in the group.

I say this because while interoperability standards are very important from a technical perspective, in my opinion if we want to be successful at scale, it’s as important to connect what we do to human needs and cultural norms. For example, we need to know what in precise terms the needs of human users of the services, products and systems we create are. If what we make isn’t more useful and more usable than whatever is currently in place, then we won’t get the change in behaviour we need to drive up value. All that great technology will just sit there and deliver sub-optimal results.

Similarly we also need to know how we will implement changes and moves towards using new technologies from a cultural perspective. It’s no good having interoperable systems and processes if there is a ‘change resistant’ culture. As many of us know, risk aversion, silo thinking and ‘not made here’ syndrome are rife in healthcare.

If we want to get the strategic wins we need to go beyond asking interoperability only questions and include questions around how we might implement change by addressing human user and cultural factors.

That’s my conversation starter. It would be great to see who else is interested in human centred design and design thinking, learning more about your thoughts, and get ideas and feedback. There’s also a project called the Fuzzy Open you might be interested we can use to explore this some more… I’ll post about that later too

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@videhasharma might be interested in this?

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Thanks @ian.mcnicoll and @videhasharma we can talk if you are.